Monday, November 16, 2009

DIY Wedding Invitations

Because I spent so much time on my DIY wedding projects, I wanted to give directions on how to make some of the things I did for those that are interested :-) DIY is a great way to save money and create a very unique item for your wedding! I'll start with directions on how to make a pocket fold invitation. Here is the completed invite:

I purchased the actual pocket fold from Their prices were very reasonable and I didn't feel making them by hand would save me much money...and plus, I didn't want the headache! Our pocket fold was on their metallic paper and is 5" by 7". Once I received the pocketfold, I determined the measurements for my inserts and made a mock-up to ensure they would fit nicely in the pocketfold.

I created the inserts in one word document using 4 text boxes. Each text box was 3.5" in width- once you create the text box, you can right "format text box" and then type in the height & width you want. The heights obviously varied for each insert to ensure only the title was showing. These are the heights I used: Directions- 6.5", RSVP- 5.5", Accommodations- 4.5", Reception- 3.5". The RSVP insert was a post card that included a stamp and our return address on the back-side. The 5.5" by 3.5" measurement is an approved post-card size by the post office. We did not have any problems sending or receiving them and plus, they helped reduce the overal weight of the invitation.

Instead of using the traditional "belly band" for the invite, I decided to glue ribbon directly to the invite and then seal the invite shut by using a square monogram. I first made two 2" slits (using a scrapbook paper cutter) in the middle of each fold on the inside of the metallic pocketfold. I then pulled the ribbon through each slit so the ribbon crossed the area where the invite will eventually go and glued the ends to the pocketfold.

For the invitation portion of the invite, I first cut a 5" by 7" piece of maroon cardstock and glued it directly to the pocketfold, over the ribbon. I then glued the actual invitation (6.5" by 4.5") onto the maroon cardstock. This helps create a more finished look. The invitation was made in Word, using a text box.

To seal the pocket fold shut, I made a square monogram in Word (1.3" by 1.75") that include the first letter of the Groom's last name and the wedding date. I glue this to maroon cardstock to mimic the look of the inside invitation and then using a glue dot, adheared it to the pocketfold so the two sides were shut. I wrote the names of the guests on the back of the invite (since it also serves as an inner envelope). Happy Crafting!


  1. where are the directions for the invitations?

  2. how did you glue the ribbon to the pocket fold? Also, what did you use to glue the card stock and invite to the pocket fold? Thanks!