Tuesday, November 17, 2009

DIY Pomander Balls

Here are directions on how to make pomander balls - perfect for wedding ceremony decor. These are what I put on the pews for my wedding ceremony. I wanted something different and this look was exactly what I was searching for.

Supplies: 5" styrofoam balls, satin ribbon (or seam binding as a cheaper alternative), pins with pearl heads, flower craft puncher, cardstock, glue gun

First, wrap the ribbon around the ball and secure to the ball with glue. I found that it was harder to wrap the ribbon continuously because the ribbon would crinkle, so I ended up cutting the ribbon in strips (enough to cover one section from the top of the ball to the bottom). This method isn't as clean b/c of the ribbon ends, but this can easily be covered at the end with the paper flower punch-outs. Continue this step until the entire ball is covered in ribbon.

Next, using the flower puncher & cardstock, make about 150 flowers. There will be 2 flower punch-outs on one pin which explains the high number of flowers needed. Poke the pin through one flower and slide it down towards the pin head. Fold the petals forward and then poke the pin through the second flower and slide towards the pin head. Continue doing this until the ball is completely covered in flowers. Remember to leave a small open space at one of the ends for the loop and bow so it can be hung.

To make the loop and bow, first cut a piece of ribbon to the desired length and make a loop by glueing the two ends together. Securely pin the loop to the ball - you can also add some glue for more security. Cut another piece of ribbon and make a bow out of it- then glue this right next to the looop that you just secured.

Because I used regular ribbon, each ball cost ~ $8. This cost will be cheaper if you use seam binding.

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