Saturday, February 11, 2012

Windows to Our Past

One of my "to do" projects, was to find a way to hang our photos in a unique way on the wall next to our staircase. We have been in our house for 4 years now and I just completed my photo display and I loved how it turned out!
I ordered two vintage widows from ebay and turned them into picture frames by adding mounting hardware onto the backs of each window along with picture frame wire (all available at your local craft store). I used clear self-adhesive photo corners on each corner of each photo to adhere the photo to the back of the window.
In addition to the vintage windows, I hung these cool, shabby chic frames that I found at World Market. This wall of photos currently showcases our wedding & vacation photos, however they will evolve over time to house family photos as our family continues to grow :)

Friday, February 3, 2012

High Tea

For the first time ever, I got to experience "high tea" with my mom over the weekend. If you aren't familiar with this, "high tea" takes place before afternoon tea and was given its name due to the type of tables the meals were eaten at (high tables versus low). Our experience started with our own pot of tea served out of lovely teapots. After enjoying our warm tea, our first course was served which included a bowl of soup, followed by yummy quiche and an assortment of scones and finger sandwhiches.

Our high tea experience ended with a delicious array of desserts. My favorite was the chocolate mouse- how creative! This was a very fun experience that I would definitely do again.