Friday, October 12, 2012

Engagement Photo Session

When I’m not painting, I can be found dabbling in photography. Thus far, I’ve taken a friend’s maternity pictures {here}, edited my own maternity pictures {here} and now I can add engagement photos to my list of photography accomplishments.

During our family reunion in North Carolina, I had the pleasure of taking engagement pictures of my brother and soon to be sister- in-law. We took the majority of pictures on the beach, but I think my favorite ended up being a shot we took in front of these beautiful, curvy trees.

Another one of my favorites is of the lovely couple jumping in the air.

It turned out so cute, I made my brother take a picture of my husband and I also jumping :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Stitch Free Curtains

Can you believe I made these curtains without having to do any sewing?  As crafty as I am, I never got into sewing.  I have been meaning to make curtains for this large window for some time now, but wasn't sure how to do it since it's so large.  Custom curtains would have cost hundreds of dollars and I was determined to make my own.

To make the white sheer curtains, I did the following:
  • bought sheer fabric at the craft store along with iron-on velcro squares. 
  • I cut the frabic in 1/2 to make two separate panels that were 1 yard wide. 
  • I needed to create a loop at the top of each panel to hang them which was done by ironing on the velcro squares
  • Once you create a loop at the top of each panel, slide the curtain rod through...EASY!

Next came making the brown striped decorative curtains that are drawn back.  These were made by adding striped fabric (the bottom section) to already made brown curtains (top part of curtains).  I bought the brown curtains at Target and the stripped fabric from a craft store.  I adheared the striped fabric to the curtains by using iron-on adhesive and then used safety pins in areas where extra support was needed. 

And that was it- I was able to make my own custom cutains for under $100!  It took about an hour to make them; probably the most difficult task was hanging the curtains which my hubby helped do since it required an extension ladder :)