Sunday, November 29, 2009

My very first art show

In my spare time, I've been painting wine glasses. It's fun and something to occupy my time and a great creative outlet :-) Well my mom and I worked our first art show and it was a success! It was held at this cool, old mansion and featured 7 other artists. The place was very nice and they had a band playing which added to the fun atmosphere. I would have been happy with one sale and we ended up selling 16 glasses! Here is a picture of our table:

Here are a few of my favorite glasses:

And I plan on giving these to my newly wed friends....the are so darn cute:

Friday, November 20, 2009

How to Change Your Name

When I went to get my name change once I got married, I did not know where to start so I thought I'd help out those who have yet to get to this step.

1) Order a few certified copies of your marriage certificate (I ordered 20 and that was waaay too many...most of the places just asked to see a copy and returned it)

2) Get your updated license first. Bring a copy of your marriage certificate and if your address is changing, you'll need an actual bill with your name on it and your new address before they can make the address change to your license. Something to keep in mind- if your license happens to expire within a year, make sure to have them renew your license at the time you are getting it updated with your new name (which means you need to take the eye exam). If you don't, you'll just end up paying an additional $30 to get your license renewed in a year.

3) Take your new updated license, marriage certificate and utility bill (if your address is changing) to the social security office to get your new card (they mail it to you within 2 weeks).

4) Then on to update everything else: checks, credit cards, mortgage, insurance, employer 401K, emails, etc.

Credit card was easy- I just called them and they sent a new one...they didn't ask for any verification, but I'm sure it's different for each company.

If you want to change your middle name to your maiden name (which I originally wanted to do), call the BMV & SS office first to find out about the steps that you need to take. I tried to change it when I got my license, but I was informed (by what looked like a summer intern) that I needed to have this change reflected on my marriage license first. HOWEVER, my co-worker got it done at the BMV with no problems, so it seems the "rules" vary depending on the person you speak with. Good luck!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Brides with a Budget

For those looking to cut corners during their planning process, here are a few ways you could save some extra money:

Cake- Consider a fake one. Fake cakes look real (no one will ever know!) because real icing is used on Styrofoam tiers rather than real cake tiers. You could always mix a real cake tier for the cake cutting portion of the reception with fake ones- this is what we did…here’s a pic of the cake:

Photographer: consider hiring a student photographer or someone looking to build their portfolio- their prices are going to be a fraction of a professional’s prices. Or, you could opt to make the photo album yourself instead of having the photographer make you one. Depending on the quality of album you go with, you could save hundreds making it yourself! And yes, there are sites online where you can make your own flush mount album (the highest quality album out there).

Flowers: Re-use the bridesmaids bouquets as reception centerpieces. Just have a vase ready at the venue for the flowers to go in. Or, you could put all the bouquets in vases for the head table d├ęcor.

Veil: if you plan on wearing a veil for the ceremony, consider buying one online. There are many places online that sell beautiful beaded veils for a fraction of the price that bridal stores are selling them at.

Anything paper: if you like to DIY, save money by making all things with paper yourself (i.e., invitations, programs, escort cards, etc.). If you don’t know where to start, order samples of invitations online…then take them apart to figure out how to make them yourself, using the sample as your template.

Shuttle service: Instead of hiring a shuttle service to transport your guests from the reception to the hotel, have taxis available. This will provide your guests with a safe way to get home without having to pay the additional cost yourself.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

DIY Wedding Programs

Here are directions for square programs that measure 5.5" by 5.5".

Using Word, alter your margins so you have two text sections that follow the 5.5 by 5.5 measurements (or you can create two text boxes using those measurements). I had my text box lines tinted grey to serve as a guide when I cut the paper down to size.

Creating Inner Pages: Withn the text boxes, type your program content (i.e., ordering of events, names of bridal party, special acknowledgments, etc.) & make sure to print double sided.

Once printed, use a scrapbooking paper cutter to cut the paper down so each page measures 11" by 5.5". Then fold both sides so you end up with a 5.5" by 5.5" folded piece of paper. These will be the inside pages of the program.

To create the outside of the program, cut a blank piece of paper down to 11" by 5.5" and fold. Using Word, create a 3" by 3" text box and fill in the box with the information you'd like showcased on the front of your program. I included the following: The marriage ceremony uniting (bride) to (groom).....Date, church, church address. You can copy and past this box several times on one piece of paper so when you print, you have several per page.

To help highlight the program information on the front page, cut a 3.5" by 3.5" paper square using a contrasting piece of colored paper. In my program, I used cream for the main pages and maroon as the contrasting color. Use glue, double sided permanent tape or glue dotes to secure the small squares together and then secure that onto the front cover.

To hold all the pages together, use a small hole punch - I used a size smaller than the traditional hole punch that I got at a craft store. While the program is folded, punch two holes where the fold is (1 towards the top of the program and 1 towards the bottom). Make sure to punch half way across the paper to create a semi-circle. When you open up the pages inside, you should have a full circle punch-out.

String the ribbon through the holes and tie with a bow. I personally found that the sheer ribbon looked more elegant :-)

DIY Pomander Balls

Here are directions on how to make pomander balls - perfect for wedding ceremony decor. These are what I put on the pews for my wedding ceremony. I wanted something different and this look was exactly what I was searching for.

Supplies: 5" styrofoam balls, satin ribbon (or seam binding as a cheaper alternative), pins with pearl heads, flower craft puncher, cardstock, glue gun

First, wrap the ribbon around the ball and secure to the ball with glue. I found that it was harder to wrap the ribbon continuously because the ribbon would crinkle, so I ended up cutting the ribbon in strips (enough to cover one section from the top of the ball to the bottom). This method isn't as clean b/c of the ribbon ends, but this can easily be covered at the end with the paper flower punch-outs. Continue this step until the entire ball is covered in ribbon.

Next, using the flower puncher & cardstock, make about 150 flowers. There will be 2 flower punch-outs on one pin which explains the high number of flowers needed. Poke the pin through one flower and slide it down towards the pin head. Fold the petals forward and then poke the pin through the second flower and slide towards the pin head. Continue doing this until the ball is completely covered in flowers. Remember to leave a small open space at one of the ends for the loop and bow so it can be hung.

To make the loop and bow, first cut a piece of ribbon to the desired length and make a loop by glueing the two ends together. Securely pin the loop to the ball - you can also add some glue for more security. Cut another piece of ribbon and make a bow out of it- then glue this right next to the looop that you just secured.

Because I used regular ribbon, each ball cost ~ $8. This cost will be cheaper if you use seam binding.

Monday, November 16, 2009

DIY Wedding Invitations

Because I spent so much time on my DIY wedding projects, I wanted to give directions on how to make some of the things I did for those that are interested :-) DIY is a great way to save money and create a very unique item for your wedding! I'll start with directions on how to make a pocket fold invitation. Here is the completed invite:

I purchased the actual pocket fold from Their prices were very reasonable and I didn't feel making them by hand would save me much money...and plus, I didn't want the headache! Our pocket fold was on their metallic paper and is 5" by 7". Once I received the pocketfold, I determined the measurements for my inserts and made a mock-up to ensure they would fit nicely in the pocketfold.

I created the inserts in one word document using 4 text boxes. Each text box was 3.5" in width- once you create the text box, you can right "format text box" and then type in the height & width you want. The heights obviously varied for each insert to ensure only the title was showing. These are the heights I used: Directions- 6.5", RSVP- 5.5", Accommodations- 4.5", Reception- 3.5". The RSVP insert was a post card that included a stamp and our return address on the back-side. The 5.5" by 3.5" measurement is an approved post-card size by the post office. We did not have any problems sending or receiving them and plus, they helped reduce the overal weight of the invitation.

Instead of using the traditional "belly band" for the invite, I decided to glue ribbon directly to the invite and then seal the invite shut by using a square monogram. I first made two 2" slits (using a scrapbook paper cutter) in the middle of each fold on the inside of the metallic pocketfold. I then pulled the ribbon through each slit so the ribbon crossed the area where the invite will eventually go and glued the ends to the pocketfold.

For the invitation portion of the invite, I first cut a 5" by 7" piece of maroon cardstock and glued it directly to the pocketfold, over the ribbon. I then glued the actual invitation (6.5" by 4.5") onto the maroon cardstock. This helps create a more finished look. The invitation was made in Word, using a text box.

To seal the pocket fold shut, I made a square monogram in Word (1.3" by 1.75") that include the first letter of the Groom's last name and the wedding date. I glue this to maroon cardstock to mimic the look of the inside invitation and then using a glue dot, adheared it to the pocketfold so the two sides were shut. I wrote the names of the guests on the back of the invite (since it also serves as an inner envelope). Happy Crafting!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

My New Endeavor!

First, a little about me. I love to laugh and I try to see the good out of every situation. When I start to complain about some aspect of my life, I try to remember that there are many people out there who have less than I do and in fact, there are many things for me to be happy for.

I recently got married and being the crafty person I am, I did a lot of DIY my card box, pew decorations & memory tree...just to name a few!

My last wedding project was our flush mount wedding album that I am anxiously awaiting to arrive in the mail! I spent many hours editing the photos our photgrapher took (I'm a little picky when it comes to the wedding photos!) and on the page layouts. I was debating on whether to have the photographer make the album, but I decided to do it myself after receiving his quote (yikes) and after researching album vendors. I found that I really enjoyed making the album and it was VERY cost effective.

Now that our wedding has passed, I've been spending a lot of my time painting...on wine glasses! It's fun and a great way to add some style to the typical boring drinking glass....well at least I think plain glass is a little boring :-) Here is a set of martini glasses I worked on today:

I think these colors are beautiful and a little funky :-)