Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Say Goodbye to the Wedding Dress

In November of last year, I decided that I would attempt to sell my wedding dress. My friends and family initially reacted to this with confusion and then began drilling me with questions, some of which included: why on earth would you want to sell your wedding dress? It has so much meaning, how could you just get rid of it? Don’t you want your future children to see the dress that their mother wore on her wedding day?

These are all legitimate questions and concerns, but for me, I just don’t view the dress as an important, sentimental object that I’d like to hold on to my whole life. I am not a fan of clutter and I know this dress will sit in a closet or attic and mostly likely will never be looked at for at least a few decades.

For those reasons, I decided to try to sell it. At least selling it to another blushing bride will ensure that the dress is appreciated and will perhaps make someone else as happy as it made me on my big day.

I listed it on a newly developed website specific for those looking to re-sell their wedding dress { }. I immediately received several inquires and to my surprise, I was able to sell it about two months after I listed it. The individual who bought the dress couldn’t have been happier with it and even after shipping it off, I had no doubts with the decision I made. May the dress live on…


  1. Hello! Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog :) I completely understand why you would choose to sell it. The memories are, after all, in your heart. And the wedding photos, lets not forget the wedding photos... :)

  2. Good for you... spread the love!

  3. What a pretty dress! I definitely see your point of view in selling it. My dress is hanging in the attach at my in-laws and I haven't looked at it since the wedding. Especially considering how much some women spend on their wedding dress, I think selling them is a great idea. For most of us they just hang in a bag for years and are forgotten about.