Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Craft Cave

I promised a while ago to post pictures of my craft room.  Well, I've been procastinating because it's always a mess and decided to heck with it...craft rooms are supposed to be messy, right?  So here it is...don't mind the mess :-)

I painted the room in a lime green and accented it with black & white decor.  I got a beautiful crystal chandelier which isn't captured in this picture very well, but it adds a lot of charm to the room and is one of my favorite features. 

To the side of the room are more white shelves to house my glassware and this mannequin which was a random impulse purchase.  I was going to use it for a T-shirt line I wanted to create, but realized I have no time for that.  I did manage to create a few designs, one of which is displayed on the mannequin.  So there it is, the place where all the magic happens!

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