Monday, April 12, 2010

My Short Trip to Key West

My Key West trip was fabulous. I got to not only visit with one of my best friends (who happens to teach at the Key West high school), but also experience all that the island has to offer.

I’ll start off with some introductions. This is my friend’s pup- a super cute French bulldog named Parker. And yes, his tongue permanently hangs out of his mouth, which makes him even cuter.
My friend’s neighbor is an interesting older woman who was a dance instructor, but she’s now trying to save the ocean, one fish at a time. Although I didn’t personally meet her, I did get to meet her car:

An interesting observation about this island is that instead of stray cats & dogs….Key West has stray chickens. It’s actually quite funny to be walking down the street and see random chickens running around. One of the many things Key West is known for, is its art galleries. I got to see lots of talented pieces of artwork in all different forms. And with any popular tourist destination, there are tons of boutiques. During your shopping trip, make sure to stop by Key West’s most famous sandal shop called Kino Sandals. This was one of my favorite shops because the sandals are handmade and constructed right in the store! And although these are handmade sandals, they are super cheap. I purchased this lovely pair for only $13- such a steal!

No visit to Key West is ever complete without a sunset sail. It’s a two-hour sail that provides you with the best ocean sunset views and it is the perfect ending to a fabulous vacation.


  1. I would have reverted to being 2 years old and chased the chickens all over the place, no lies.

  2. Sounds wonderful, chickens, sandals and all!

  3. I was there years ago, but only overnight, so I did not see much...if I ever go back I would love to do the 2 hour sail!

  4. i want to hear/see more about your keywest trip--one of my favorite places! now i need to go there again...
    those sandals are sweet!

  5. Parker is a sweetie!
    That car could sell on ebay for a mint!

    catcalls (cleveland team)

  6. ahhhhhhhhh wish I was on that sailboat!

  7. I want those sandals!!! They are so cute!